CORE activities:

Tours I Flights I Hotel & Accommodation I Ground Transportation

We believe in transparency in our work and dedication to your request as centred on Tours, Flights, Hotel & Accommodation and Ground Transportation.



We Package Tours & Activities in 190+ Countries. These, include travel insurance, Local Tour Representatives / Tour Guides with 24/7 expert customer supports.

We package tours for Pilgrims to Sacred and Historical Destinations.

We engage delegates to attend international events such as Meetings, Incentives, Conference, Exhibitions (MICE); Free Independent Travelers (FIT); Group Inclusive Tour (GIT) amongst others.

We coordinate Sport Tourism supporting you as an observer, host or participant.

We get involved as Medical Tourism Facilitators, to bring together a prospective patient with a health care delivery service provider, usually a hospital or a clinic. As though the patient is crossing international borders to obtain medical care, such individual would usually be regarded as a Medical Tourist.



We reserve and book Local & International Flights as well as providing Airport Protocol Services.



We are committed to the Entertainment of guest and their host and also Reserve 600,000+ Hotels, Apartments, Villas, Accommodation & more at your preferred location/destination.


Ground Transport:

We lease cars locally & globally with features such as, Chauffeur Driven Cars, Security Escorts & Tracking, Automobile Insurance and Road Network advisory.


We work on your plans with the same dedication as you. Sometimes, we involve your staff and let them create a sense of ownership of what is being enrolled.

From Strategic, Tactical and Operational level without doubt and no stress, we offer a wide array of services in the tourism sector.

The solutions we provide support individuals, & groups; institutions and corporate organizations on the basis of what their aspirations could be as evolving from their goals, lifestyle and business culture.

In addition, we get engaged with projects to retain, and promote Tourism.